COVID-19 message

The Mancanweb team hopes and wishes that this strange, uncertain period of time will not affect you, your loved ones, or your colleagues. The kind of information we see on TV or read on digital news portals, a few months ago could only have equated to a horror film or seem unreal even to the biggest skeptic.

People were pushed out of their usual comfort zone, forced to change their habits and look for new ways to work, communicate, or just buy everyday products. After all, the world will no longer be the same, and new experiences will become new habits, consumer attitudes, and behavior. So business has to adapt now.


The digital space is our everyday work environment. We are often separated from our clients not only by a few thousand kilometers but also by several time zones. Working remotely we successfully develop products for the W. European and Scandinavian markets. We are developing tools for Lithuanian companies that help them find buyers abroad by email. We feel obligated to share experiences and to go through this difficult time of trials together. We will turn uncertainty and anxiety into new opportunities.

During the COVID – 19 pandemic, we invite you to register for free consultations on e-commerce, internet marketing, website development, project management, and teleworking.

our priority areas:

1 : Electronic trade. A new source of income for your business.

No matter what your business is (is it a shoe store, a helicopter rental for holiday, or hair care products), there is always a way to sell online. Especially now, regarding COVID-19 time, when all the users are looking for you right there, on the internet. How can we help you?

The hardest part to move your business to an electronic platform is to come up with an idea of how to sell that business online. Here we have experience. At least three different platforms have been born with us from the very first moment. Please find more about them below:

My Freda (

It is the solution to the most sensitive issue for every girl and woman. My Freeda is a subscription type of feminine hygiene product e-shop. A personalized box of goods can be created by each buyer individually.

Benefits for the customer: this service solves time and planning problems because the product is delivered specific time and place when it’s convenient for her, of course, in delicate packages.

Benefits for the business: this is a new way to increase customer loyalty. Also, knowing product delivery quantities and dates makes it easy to plan inventory balances and revenue schedules.

HoliTrees (

Have you ever thought that choosing online a Christmas tree is easy and convenient? Or maybe you want to rent a Christmas tree? All you need to do is to choose a Christmas tree, delivery & handover dates, pay for the order and wait for the Christmas tree to be conveniently delivered to your doorstep.

HoliTrees is one of the most convenient and probably the widest range of services in Lithuania.

It’s eco-friendly because HoliTrees promise – Every Christmas tree bought, two new ones planted.

Elensen (

A specialized e-shop of high-quality tables of an exclusive design for buyers in Germany, Poland, and Lithuania. The design is aesthetic and the CMS system is smart but simple. Modern marketing tools ensure that there will never be a shortage of shoppers in this e-shop.

The management of the site has been designed taking into account the already existing processes of the company, so it is designed so that every job done is convenient for everyone.

It the examples mentioned above, addressed the same frequently asked questions that you may be facing at the moment:

  • will someone buy my product?
  • which market to go to?
  • to trade on Amazon, Etsy, Google shopping?
  • is it still worth creating your own e-shop?
  • how much it costs?

Feel free to contact us, we know we can help you to find the best online solution.

  • Architecture & design;
  • Furniture & interior;
  • Food & confectionery;
  • Leisure, entertainment & tourism;
  • Hotels.

2 : Website development

In times when we have to stay at home for our own & others ’safety, the website has become a major spotlight for your current or future customers. It is crucial that the information provided on your website is relevant and easy for everyone to understand.

Over the years we have developed and implemented hundreds of projects online. We have accumulated extensive experience on the basis of which we have created a process flow. This allows us to create an efficient, fast, and high-quality website which meets your business processes & expectations. It doesn’t matter if you already have a website and just want to update the information but the content management system doesn’t help or you want to update from the scratch – let’s get in touch! We will answer your questions and advise you on how to optimally solve any problems.

Below you’ll find an illustrated process flow and what kind of steps are necessary for the project to run smoothly. You’ll also find some examples of sites we’ve created.

work process:

  • For team
  • For client
1: Business analysis
2: SEO strategy
3: onboarding
4: Wireframe
5: Design concept / prototype
6: content preparation
7: final design confirmation
8: web cms documentation
9: front end development
10: back end development
11: content upload
12: Quality assurance testing
13: Internal web SEO
14: website launch
15: External web SEO
16: Support & optimisation


Non-standard situations create non-standard opportunities. That is how we live these days. Do you communicating with a customer remotely and it causes a lot of trouble that you didn’t face them before usual day in the office? Are you creating a company presentation, preparing an offer, communicating on social networks, or do you want to advertise your product/service on the Internet from scratch? We are here to prepare all possible tools for you to help to represent your brand.


The Google search engine is like a huge shopping mall with crowds of people. However as in every supermarket, some stores are full, others do not receive as many visitors. With the help of professional tools we can answer your questions:

How many potential buyers are there for a particular keyword?

What stores and why do they usually visit?

What do my competitors do differently?

With this information, we can prepare an individual communication plan for your business and achieve the goals for increasing organic traffic.

have a question? Don’t hesitate to contact us.


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